Colombo Kitchin attorneys and staff strive to create an environment of open and efficient communication with our clients. Our Communications Policy is an effort to define our commitment to timely and productive communications with you. Below is a general overview of our policies and procedures with regard to communications:

Contacting Our Office

Please contact us during normal business hours. We will be returning your calls during these same hours. We attempt to return calls during the same business day. However, our attorneys are frequently required to attend hearings and client meetings, which may sometimes prevent your calls from being returned as quickly as we would like. Rest assured that someone from our firm will contact you within twenty-four (24) hours. In the event this does not occur, we would appreciate your calling us back and letting the receptionist know that your original call has not been returned. If your call is urgent, please reference your Contact Card for other members of your legal team that may be able to assist you in the event your attorney is unavailable. As a reminder, only attorneys can give legal advice, and employees of our firm who are not attorneys do not give legal advice and should not be asked to do so.

Conference Preparation and Notetaking

Before calling our office, please prepare a written list of those matters you wish for us to discuss so that we do not end a conference with your questions unanswered. Please have pen and paper available before calling to make appropriate notes during our telephone conferences. This will serve as a convenient source of information for future reference.

Billing For Telephone Conferences

The minimum time unit for which you will be billed is one-quarter (0.25) of an hour, or fifteen (15) minutes. A telephone conference which lasts less than fifteen (15) minutes will be billed at one-quarter (0.25) of an hour. To take full advantage of the minimum time you will be billed, please prepare for our conversation as advised in paragraph two (2). We are very proud of our professional legal staff and feel sure you will enjoy working with us. If, however, you have a concern regarding your attorney/client relationship, or are less than completely satisfied with our firm for any reason, please discuss your concerns with the attorney handling your case, or you may contact Bill Ferrell, our Legal Administrator, to discuss your concerns.