Attorney Publications

Business Law – Mergers and Acquisitions
Business Law – Reciprocal Attorney Fee Provisions
Collection Law – Fraudulent Transfers
Collection Law – Mechanics’ Liens
Collection Law – Using an Attorney vs. a Collection Agency
Employment Law – Affordable Care Act and Employment Law
Employment Law – Background Checks Revisited
Employment Law – Changes in Fair Labor Standards Act 2016
Employment Law – CyberLaw
Employment Law – EEOC Charges for Religious Discrimination
Employment Law – Employee Performance and Discrimination
Employment Law – Criminal and Credit Background Checks
Employment Law – Employer’s Ability to Access Facebook Passwords
Employment Law – Employment Security Commission Claims
Employment Law – Fair Labor Standards Act Regulation Changes
Employment Law – Immigration Reform
Employment Law – Non-Competition Agreements
Employment Law – Sexual Discrimination and LGBT Coverage
Employment Law – Truth or Consequences
Estate Planning – Estate Planning Before Vacation
Estate Planning – Estate Planning in the Digital Age
Estate Planning – Inherited IRAs, Bankruptcy and Estate Planning
Estate Disputes – Contesting A Will
Estate Planning – Basics of Medicaid Planning
Elder Law – Why Everyone Still Needs Estate Planning
Estate Planning / Family Law – Additions to the Couple To-Do List
Estate Planning / Taxation – Impact of New Tax and Higher Rates
Estate Planning / Taxation – Missed the Tax Deadline?
Estate Planning / Taxation – American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012
Family Law – Alimony Basics
Family Law – Electronically Stored Information in the 21st Century
Family Law – Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act
Family Law – What Should I Expect From My Family Law Attorney
Tax Law – Tax Rules for Charitable Giving