• Defending licensees before occupational licensing boards
  • Representing clients before administrative agencies and regulatory bodies
  • Responding to licensing agency investigations
  • Appealing the denial of a North Carolina professional license
  • Representing clients at administrative hearings and related appeals

Businesses and individuals who are facing regulatory and enforcement actions by a federal or state agency should seek the assistance of capable counsel who has a proven record practicing administrative law and is well familiar with the rules and proceedings of the particular agency involved with such actions. Our attorneys have many years of experience and good success dealing with regulatory matters and administrative agencies. We will advise you regarding your particular business compliance requirements and guide you through your specific permit or licensure application process.

If necessary, we stand ready to litigate an evidentiary hearing before the Office of Administrative Hearings, in North Carolina courts, or against a licensing or regulatory agency. Our attorneys have experience with North Carolina General Statute Chapter 150B, the Administrative Procedure Act and the NC Administrative Code. We represent clients before the Division of Employment Security, the North Carolina Industrial Commission, the North Carolina State Personnel Commission, the North Carolina Licensing Board of General Contractors, and the North Carolina Board of Nursing on a regular basis.


Tracy H. Stroud


Micah D. Ball