• Secured and unsecured creditor collections
  • Consumer and commercial foreclosures
  • Construction lien and bond claims

Our creditors’ rights attorneys represent both businesses and individuals in collection proceedings, including the protection and enforcement of creditors’ rights and the legal procedures needed to receive payment from a debtor. We handle collection actions, claim and delivery hearings, mortgage foreclosure, and cases under the Uniform Commercial Code. Our goal is to secure a judgment or settle the outstanding debt as quickly as possible if that will better serve our clients’ interests. After a judgment has been secured, we will assist you in recovering funds to satisfy your judgment.

We also represent banks, mortgage companies, and other lending institutions in protecting their rights as secured creditors, and we are prepared to handle consumer and commercial foreclosure actions in any county in North Carolina. We can also assist with the resolution of title issues that arise during the course of a foreclosure action.

We are also prepared to assist contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers in the filing and resolution of lien and bond claims that may arise in performing work or providing goods in a residential or commercial construction setting.

In all of our creditors’ rights areas, our representation is cost-effective and efficient, and we provide periodic updates to our clients to keep them informed of all developments with their case.


Bradley D. Piner